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Farm Personalities: Meet Sparkle

If you have been to my house, chances are you have met Thomas (the Barred rock hen) and Lazarus (the White Leghorn, who also surprised us as a hen), but there is a new personality emerging- and she’s quite the catch!

Meet Sparkle.

She is a silver laced wyanotte, and is a little over 1 year old. Sparkle was one of 4 wyanottes that we added last year. Three were hens (girls!) named Glitter, Sparkle and Shine, and one turned out to be a rooster.

Sparkle lost her sister, Shine, to our first fox attack last spring. And until about a month ago, she just blended in with the flock.

Then, the unthinkable happened. One day she decided to get out. It surprised me at first, because she had always been cooperative, but once she got a taste of the open field……she’s addicted. I find her out in the open day after day.

When I get home from work she greets me by the driveway, then she has been following me while I do my chores- over to the barn and the other chicken coops. Then when I feed the hens she waits patiently by the fence for me to lift it up for her, because she wants dinner, after all….

During her daytime hours she has been quite promiscuous. She spends time taunting the dogs, and digging dirt bath holes by the rooster coop. Let me rephrase that: She flaunts herself over to the boys and takes a bath in plain sight for them to watch. No kidding!

One night recently she didn’t feel like eating dinner and went out past curfew. It became dark and I worried that she was out there…..all alone with the foxes. So like any worried momma would do, I went out with my flashlight (Justin came to help to) to find this rebellious teenager who clearly needs to be taught a lesson. And after searching all her “usual” hangouts and praying she hadn’t gotten in with the wrong crowd, I finally found my little Sparkle nested down in my mint bed under a bush. I scolded her, then tucked her neatly into bed with the other hens……oh after waiting for her to finally finish her dinner. (Seriously, this is my life??!!)

Sometimes she will even lay an egg on these adventures outside the coop.

Which brings us another issue, the eggs. You see the Easter egg hunt wasn’t quite as novel as it was in previous years, my poor children are helping me hunt for Sparkle’s eggs EVERYDAY! She might lay on the storm shelter, in the garden bed, in her bathing hole…….wherever she darn well pleases.

But you know what? I like her. (Can’t believe I’m talking about a chicken)

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