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Strawberry blueberry muffins

Despite my serious avoidance of white flour and refined sugar, I caved and made these for camping this weekend. I had a weak moment while the kids were begging for those packaged muffins in the hostess section of the grocery store.
Seriously? Who buys that junk?

So home we went with some berries.


I used my brother’s famous blueberry muffin recipe, here the link to the recipe and the story behind its fame.

Since Joslyn managed to eat half if the blueberries before we embarked on baking, I ended up substituting half a cup of diced strawberries.

I baked mini muffins (just like the hostess ones they wanted) on my mini-muffin sheet from pampered chef. baked at 400 for 9-11 minutes. They turned out amazing!

They say that your sense if smell triggers memories for the longest tenon your brain. Hopefully someday my kids will remember camping with lots of yummy muffins!

Come on camping!!

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