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A few goals of mine

Do you write your goals down? Do you look at them every day, periodically, when its time to write them again or never? Mine are all over the map. I have goals in farming, education, parenting, nursing, being healthy, relationships, religion……..they are this disorganized but beautiful list in my head that literally haunts me (in a good, motivational sort of way).
Ya’ll make fun of me for not being able to sit down or watch TV shows (you know who you are!) but it’s that little voice of my sub-conscience reminding me of those goals I set out to achieve. Why waste this very minute?
I am motivated by setting my own goals, making plans to achieve them and going and making it happen. I take my new years resolutions kinda seriously because really, what are we if we just survive? I’m sure there are a fair amount of arguments that could begin there, but I firmly believe that people should be driven.
Well all that to say that I have been working daily on a few of my nearest and dearest goals. It might sound vain, but this was something very important to me. I recently met a goal of completing my first half marathon. I did it with my friend Ashley, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We finished in 2:06! It felt amazing and I am so proud of our little team!
So anyway, I had to celebrate the victory with this awesome shirt.
Pssst! Always celebrate the victories! It what makes getting there so amazing!


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