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This and that

Well today begins the first day of my last year being a 20 something. I’m sure next year I’ll be barely hanging onto life, sobbing incessantly and trying to wear low rise jeans like a 15 year old. It won’t be pretty.

Someone suggested I was turning 35. Geez….. Apparently I need to start shopping at Rue 21, get newer perky boobs and start walking around with headphones on. (jk)

For realz, I’m happy with my life. Today I woke up early to do P90X in the barn. I had a paleo-iffic breakfast, had my best friend of 22 years come over to hang out. She gave me a perfect gift of a few kid-free hours to eat lunch with some fabulous ladies from work. Then we fed chickens, walked around our property climbing trees and picking wildflowers. We watered the big garden and raised beds, colored outside on the porch, then went to eat Chinese as a family. Pretty much a perfect day :-)

Oh, and Harter House started carrying Panera salad dressings that are low carb and fairly diet friendly. I love knowing that I don’t have to wait until late May to have the yummy berry salad with poppyseed dressing. It was delicious! Ahhhhh!

Check out the food photo in all of its glory. Oh yeah!


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