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Free Last Minute Frost Solution

Already planted your summer garden? And now the forecast calls for frost????

Have no fear! Try my last minute frost solution- its FREE!

First, lets go to the recycling bin or trash can. Grab as many milk jugs, juice/soda bottles or whatever else is in there. I used some plastic salad bins too!

Plug your nose (in the case of the milk jug!) and give it a rinse. Then cut it in half.

You now have TWO tiny greenhouses.

Now head out to the garden and lets cover those tomatoes and peppers.

Here’s a soda bottle tiny greenhouse.

And a milk jug.

Be sure to cover them early enough in the day to trap a few of the sun’s rays. It’ll heat up your tiny greenhouse and keep them frost-free until morning. This obviously won’t work for super-duper cold nights, but hopefully it’ll preserve the time and effort (and money!) you’ve already invested in your home garden.

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