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I’ve got EGGS! They’re multiplying

My hens are on a roll! Eve and Thomas (our hens) have been laying eggs for a little over a month now, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Fresh eggs are so so so delicioso.

Here’s a round-up of my favorite egg recipes for your protein-packed breakfast…..or lunch, or dinner.

First is huevos rancheros, which is an egg that’s been sort of sauté/poached in salsa. Topped with avocado, it’s a home run.


Next is the good old stand-by breakfast fajita, but this one stands out because of the jalepeno salsa cream cheese for Einstein’s bagel shop. It’s seriously the best flavor they have!


This one is a combination of my favorite vegetable and protein-the egg! It’s an egg-onion ring.


Then scrambled with any lingering greens in the fridge. This one is with kale and feta. Yum!


And finally, my all time favorite (but totally NOT on my low-carb diet) is fried eggs over easy with buttered toast. Heaven.


Granted there are lots of ways to use eggs, but I’m a breakfast girl! No doubt about that. Hope you enjoyed the egg round-up. Happy breakfast!

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