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Chemical-free fireplace cleaner

It’s that time if year, when the fireplace starts to look really dingy from all the use its had. Its a wonder you can still see your fire through the soot covered doors.

I used to use a commercial fireplace door cleaner, I mean some of that soot is really on there. It came in a spray bottle with tons of warning labels. It highly suggested the user wore rubber gloves because it is toxic to the skin, not to mention the fumes. It was messy too, the gloopy stuff got everywhere and sometimes all over my clothes. I would have been better off in a Haz Mat suit!

But thankfully I learned a little trick. It. Blew. My. Mind.

I know how you all love these things, so lets begin. You’ll need:
- water
- paper towels or rags
- ashes. Yes, the stuff already inside your fireplace.

Yep, that’s it! I’ll show you how this works.

First examine the nasty black grime on the doors.


Now take your rag and dip it I’m some water, squeezing out the excess.


Now dip the wet rag in some ash. I know it sounds crazy, but we are going to use it as an abrasive to get the grime off.


(Plead disregard the cleanliness of my fireplace. Did I mention it was cleaning day??)

Okay, we are ready to start scrubbing!


Look what it took off in about 10 seconds:


Keep going until its all gone. You’ll need to repeat wetting your rag and dipping it in ash several times. Use a “little” elbow grease and you’ll have sparkly clean doors once again.


If you have a few streaks left over just spritz a little white vinegar or windex and wipe off.

Ahh, now that’s what I’m talking about!


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