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Life before Facebook


What was life like before Facebook?

I was not consumed with details of the lives of people around me, but I was still their friend. I didn’t know what their kids looked like and I wasn’t the first to see their new hair do. It didn’t matter.
My computer time was spent reading articles and blogs. I learned new things. I was inspired by other people and it motivated me to be a better person. I had over a hundred bookmarks of sites I read weekly, to be updated and educated.

I did not spend countless hours at work, home and in the company of friends checking new notifications. I found things to do at work on my down time. I had time to focus on myself and my marriage at home. I gave my friends and family attention when I was with them. We had less gossip and more acceptance.

I listened to music and dug into my most-inner self contemplating the “big” issues in life. During alone time I spent more time reading the Bible or dreaming up something amazing I wanted to do. I didn’t vegetatively scroll through the news feed seeing what everyone else was up to.

When I needed to tell someone something, I called them. When I was planning a party, I sent out invitations. When I wanted to share a photo, I used email or (gasp) carried a photo book in my purse.

When I needed support or encouragement, I called on those who I trust most. I was discrete in sharing my struggles. I didn’t tell 400+ people about my bad day.

I had very important information memorized. My brain could handle it because it wasn’t being fed useless information.

Have you ever been on your computer doing something important, and that silly little (1) notification is over in the adjacent tab just begging to be clicked on? You do a quick glance which completely turns your focus onto something stupid/unimportant and now you have lost your train of thought 5 minutes later when you return to your original task at hand.

Or better yet, have you ever done the “Ill just check at this stop light and see whats going on” moment- only to be forced with a potentially unsafe driving predicament as you get sucked into all this drama and nonsense? No? You’re a better person than me.

Hmmm…..I wonder why we have such adult ADD? Seriously though, the addiction to Facebook has got to end for me. It’s interfering with my time with the kids, my own self-reflection and my sleep.

I’m also not deleting my facebook account. But I am removing it from my phone. Of course I like Facebook. It has it’s place. An outlet to connect people who live far away, media sharing and message posting. But who would have dreamed it would be like this?

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