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Variety is good

I realize the words I say often when the kids start asking what they mean. Joslyn has asked a few times, “What is variety?” Um…..

It means having a little of everything. Since I couldn’t remember the context, that’s all I had. She says, “I like a variety of food. But for breakfast I want Rice Krispies every day. Its just what I want.”

Okay, mind officially jogged.

Let me tell you about this girl and her food. She does not eat dinner like most kids. She will eat most any salad, soup, or meat item you throw at her.

But a grilled cheese? Heck no.

Macaroni and cheese? If she’s starving and there is nothing else.

Turkey sandwich? Don’t even try.

But you put a fresh fruit or vegetable in front of her, she’s golden. (Okay, just for the record, I’m not complaining about that!)

HOWEVER, how do you get a girl to eat something other than Rice Krispies for breakfast? I mean every single day, she eats the same thing. Every day. Rice Krispies. She won’t even try to eat anything else. So what would any normal mother who loves her children and wants them to become well-rounded adults do?

Take them away.

Say what??

Yup, serve something else. Eventually, they will cave.

I’m on day 4. She’s digging in her heels.

Am I a mean mommy? Or would you do the same thing, for the sake of a little variety?

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