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Mashed Cauliflower

Tonight I’ve got another low-glycemic dish that will sure be a hit with anyone. This is actually mashed cauliflower and mashed potatoes combined. I love mashed potatoes, but they cause such a sugar spike followed by a slight coma, that I decided it was time to experiment with a healthier option. Besides, I like to see the potato skins showing through in my mashed potatoes, and it kinda tricks the mind into believing they are really just potatoes.

But they aren’t.

You see this is a 60/40 mix. Its about 60% cauliflower and 40% new potatoes.

Since Cauliflower is a 15 on the glycemic index, and new potatoes are 57, this meal would land about……eh, somewhere between 31 and 36. Not bad considering this is the ultimate comfort food. You could, of course, go all in and just use cauliflower. In fact, if it wasn’t for my love of the potato skins itself, I would have just done that.

Warning, incoming nurse rant:

And just because you aren’t diabetic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the glycemic index. I am not diabetic, and I never want to be either. Did you know that nearly 12% of American adults have diabetes? (That’s 26 million people) The numbers are disgusting, really. Google the warning signs, and be educated before its too late.

Mashed Cauliflower and Potatoes

I chopped em, covered them with water, and let it boil until it was all tender. Then mash and season them the way your grandma taught you. (Or with less butter, if you are truly trying to be a little health conscious.)

I like to throw them in a big bowl with a mixer. Add a little butter, milk and salt. Whip them up until they suit your liking. I would perhaps add some french onion dip too if we aren’t making gravy.

Enjoy a filling and wonderful meal knowing you are the one who came out on top.

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