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Fish tacos

I know everyone has stuffing and sweet potatoes on their mind, I mean its almost Thanksgiving. I can practically taste the butter from here. Its glorious.

But because I refuse to be a whale by Christmas, I’ve got to tone it down a little.

Here’s a light and fresh weeknight meal that we loved: Fish Tacos. The fish is sauteed in a little bit of butter (okay, you caught me) with some pico de gallo and lime, then served on a soft corn tortilla.

The only thing I would add next time is some chipotle mayo or a little fresh jalepeno.

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!

Fish Tacos

3 medium fish fillets (I used crappie because my dad is a fisherman and he’s got tons of this in the freezer. But you could use any white fish like cod, tilapia, haddock)
1-2 cups pico salsa (here’s my recipe)
1 lime
corn tortillas

I started by melting a little bit of butter in a saute pan, on medium heat. Lay in the fish, sprinkle with salt. These are crappie tacos, not crappy tacos! lol….I crack myself up sometimes….

Flip once, and when the fish is done it breaks apart very easily. Since we’re going to chop it up anyway, I just break it apart to check for doneness. It only takes a couple minutes on each side.
(Can you see the big fillet isn’t quite done yet? Its holding strong still)

When the fish is mostly cooked, add in your pico de gallo sauce (and jalepeno if you want some heat). Check and see if it needs more salt and pepper, then spoon it up onto warm corn tortillas.

Squeeze 1/4 lime and you’re set!

I made some chicken tacos too. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how I made them, I just threw a marinade together (lime, paprika, cayenne, salt, cumin, adobo seasoning….) and into a different saute pan. Most of all, I like to have fun with all the different ways to make a taco. No 80/20 here!

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