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Game Fries

Every fall and winter, you can find football on at my house every weekend. Its pretty much a given. Justin will be a Chief’s fan for as long as he lives (no matter if they win or lose). I can’t even escape the football madness when I work on a weekend. The embroidered patches are strategically placed on scrub tops and I love watching them try to keep tabs on what’s going on in the game.

And after 8 years of marriage, (and 7 years where I work!) I still cannot sit down and watch a football game. It absolutely kills me to watch the “last 4 minutes” that go on forever. I understand the rules, and all…..but I just can’t get into it.

My children, however, are doomed. They have been brainwashed since newborns.

Here’s some proof of the Chief legacy:

I can, however get into what football BRINGS into my home.

It brings togetherness.

It brings a day when we have no plans of leaving.

It brings toys out of closets and time playing on the floor with my kids.

It brings alone time in the kitchen so I can create until my culinary cravings are satisfied, or I run out of daylight, whichever comes first.

It brings joy to those closest to me. The kids get super excited when Justin gets loud cheering for his team.

It brings food. Lets be honest. This is a big reason of why I love football days.

Sundays usually bring chili, pot roast, or something grilled outside.

Here’s some Game Day fries that didn’t disappoint! And they were perfect for all my fans.

Game Day Fries

3 small sweet potatoes (I’m temped to try some winter squash next time too!)
3-4 small russet potatoes
2 T. canola oil
salt, pepper and sugar

Scrub potatoes with a good scrubber, removing all dirt. Slice into medium-thin wedges. Place in large bowl. Toss potatoes in oil, 1 tsp. salt, a couple turns of fresh black pepper and a spoonful of sugar (trust me!).

Arrange on baking sheet so that none overlap. Roast at 425 until tender, browned and starting to crisp. Remove from oven, add another sprinkle of salt.

Serve in a big pile with plenty of ketchup :)

(I promise this will be the last Chief’s post for a long time…..unless they win the super bowl or something crazy like that)

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