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The best cupcake I’ve ever had

A few weeks ago, I finally made it home after a long day at work. I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch, and since it was teetering on 8pm, I decided that I needed to eat something.

I opened the fridge to see what was lingering to find two of these:

Me: Um, babe? Where did these cupcakes come from?

Justin: Sarah made them.

Me: What flavor are they? (Thinking to myself: Because what’s the fun in a plain cupcake? Sarah knows that!)

Justin: an Oreo Cheesecake something-er-other.

Um yeah. Dinner dilemma solved.

After a few bites it was obvious that these were the best cupcakes EVER! Its an Oreo Cheesecake Cupcake with Buttercream Dream frosting.

Wanna see what the inside looks like?

**Warning: this may cause your fat to get jiggly.

But they will be the best cupcakes you’ve ever had.

So your choice.

Just remember you only live once.

You don’t have to look.

I won’t tell your weight watchers counselor.

Besides I think they are only like 1 point.

Or maybe 2.

Okay okay, check this bad boy out:

Yup, not only is that chocolate cake layered with a cheesecake middle, there’s an Oreo cookie right in there too.

Thank you, Lord, for sister in laws that can cook. I love cake. Amen.

Get the recipe here.

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