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Jude’s Train Station Party

My little man is almost 2! We had a great time celebrating last night. We had a “train station” party.

Joslyn helped me pick out these awesome conductor hats for all the kids. Jude rarely takes his off, so it seemed fitting :)

First and foremost we set up a jump house in the backyard from Jumping Jack’s Jumps. We bartered for the jump house (they are family and all- thanks Danny!) in exchange for helping a worthy cause: One Sole Purpose. Its a local organization that provides shoes to elementary schools. Check them out, its one of those who you could actually see your worthy dollars going to work in your own community. Super cool.

The kids absolutely LOVED it. At one point almost every child was in the jump house and we were all like, “Man, I’m having a great time! Where’d the kids go?”

Only one child emerged crying- once! Now that’s a miracle. (And he was fine)

Speaking of an angel, here’s little Ethan going back in for more.

We had a station for coloring and eating pizza

They drank copious amounts of sugary lemonade and sweet tea. I know, I know….my kids rarely get this stuff so they were running around like crack heads along with 16 of their friends. (What was I thinking?)

Oh look! Vegetables! See, its all good, right?? :)

Here’s the beautifully decorated cake. Joslyn totally helped, in case you can’t tell.

Here’s Jude (and Celia) watching the candles be lit, soaking it all in. (and maybe having a small sugar crash before another spike)

And the present opening madness. Jude wasn’t too terribly interested in opening presents (see Joslyn opening one to the right), but he eventually found a few things that needed opened immediately. And for the record, they have all been opened and thoroughly explored now.

We are so lucky to have great friends to share these special times in our children’s lives. Thanks to everyone who came!!!

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