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Grilled chicken and garden veggies

When we went to light the grill, it was already 200 degrees inside without a fire. Yeah, its been unbearably hot.

With record breaking temps and the air conditioning pulling some major overtime, its way too hot to turn on the oven. So if we want something other than a bowl full of peaches (which is a perfectly good dinner in my book), we have to grill on the George Foreman or outside…

……and thanks to the inherent desire to make fire that most men are born with (and the impending ego buster if said man’s female counterpart “owns” the grill) I don’t have to do anything sweaty when we grill outside.


Well, I did peek out onto the back patio to see how it was coming along, snapped a few pictures, then high-tailed it back into the A/C to await my dinner. Thanks, babe!

I found a bottle of Lawry’s roasted garlic marinade in the pantry. So we marinated the chicken in that. The veggies just had a splash of Italian dressing, Lawry’s seasoning salt and pepper.

We combined eggplant, zucchini, onions, peppers, potatoes……I called it the bowl’o'veggies. Joslyn just loves zucchini, and I don’t even have to hide it anymore.


Stay cool :)

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