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Essential tools and tricks #3: How to cut lettuce

Enough of you have asked. So here you go!
Growing lettuce is probably the most simple thing to grow, and if you still can’t grow much from a seed (like me!) you can grow lettuce.

I promise.

When it starts looking like a baby green (like you are used to seeing in a salad bag), its big enough to cut. This lettuce got HUGE during our week of rain. I would have cut some sooner if we weren’t in a monsoon…..

I grab a serrated knife. This small steak knife works just fine.

Next grab a head of lettuce by the top.

Then make a cut all the way across the base of the lettuce.

Take the cut pieces in your hand, leaving the nub.

The nub will grow back in a couple weeks. You can keep cutting this single head of lettuce until any of the following occurs:

  • the temperatures get really hot
  • the temps get really cold (uh, under 32 degrees)
  • you get tired of eating lettuce
  • it bolts (fancy way of saying it flowers and produces seeds)

Lay the handful of lettuce leaves in your colander. I just bring out my salad spinner since it will be going in that anyway.

You know what a salad spinner is right? Its one of these gizmos. It looks like two colanders and the lid has a fancy spin cycle do-bobber. High tech stuff….

Continue until you have all the salad you want.

Here’s what was left left. I only had to cut about 1/6 of my green leaf lettuce patch.

I then wash the leaves well in the sink. I dump them out into a clean sink and fill it partially with water. Let the dirt fall to the bottom and then scoop out the lettuce leaves (back into the spinner).

Place the lid on the salad spinner.

Then position it so the sink water flows into the hole….

And spin a few times using the crank on the lid.

Next turn the water off and spin like crazy to dry off the leaves.

(If you don’t own a salad spinner, just towel dry the leaves- but be careful not to bruise them! But a spinner is worth the price if you are going to grow your own lettuce. They range anywhere from $5-$30)

When you take the lid off it looks like this:

Reminds me of that ride at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City that always made me puke.

The package in a large bag or container. You will be surprised how fresh this tastes!

Psst! Here’s another Missouri blogger who likes here lettuce and has a tutorial called: Seed to Salad bowl in less than a month. Enjoy!

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