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Grilled Asparagus and Red Pepper Salad

This one is hearty, flavorful, versatile and delish! My bro Nate made it for me once, and now its a staple. It helps use up some summer garden veggies too. (Or lingering in the freezer from last summer veggies…..not that I would know anything about that…)

I just toss together some greens in my favorite wooden bowl.

Add some non-grilled veggies to show it some love.

Then throw the rest of the veggies I have in a little olive oil/salt/pepper and toss on the grill with the main course.

Top the greens with all the grilled goodness, and you are good to go. Toss with feta and balsamic vinegar or whatever else you like.

There’s a zucchini, orange bell pepper, some asparagus, red onion. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Here’s Justin’s grill pan. Its his, ya know…..for his manly fiery domain: the grill. I bought it for him to compensate for the large amounts of red meat we grill. Maybe some veg will off-set the artery clogging saturated fat….a little. Its ’cause I love him and want him around several more decades :)

Come on summer! We’re done playing hide-and-seek.

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