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Pop tarts

The first time I gave Joslyn a Pop-tart for breakfast this is what she said, “Mommy, thank you for my cookie”.

Really?? I thought. Should I really be giving her something that she thinks is a cookie, for breakfast none the less? Oh well, there are worse things. And as long as we don’t get stuck in a pop-tart rut we’ll be fine.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good ‘ole pop tart to start the day?

I’ve often wondered if I could make a pop tart that has more fruity taste and none of the cardboard taste.

But the answer is No. At least not on this try.

The good news was they looked really pretty. And I can’t say that they tasted MORE cardboardish than the packaged version. The fruit filling had much better flavor than the sweet gel they put in the real thing. (Its hard to find fruit that is shelf stable for years, you know…..)

But in the end they tasted like a pie crust with jelly. Edible, but still cardboard-like.

Oh well. Maybe if I ground up some pecans or almonds for the crust, or baste it in butter…..

Or maybe I’ll just buy a box of Pop-tarts next time. :) Yeah for experiments….

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