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The Food Chart

Dinner time at my house can be very, very challenging. I don’t have any trouble cooking dinner, and Justin and Jude eat pretty much anything I throw at them. But Joslyn?

She’s a different animal. We’ve been having dinner wars for sometime now. The begging and pleading was out of control. It wasn’t getting us anywhere. Some days I felt like we were somehow moving backwards.

Now I could tell you about all the drama…..but instead I’m going to share a brilliant idea that a fellow Mom had that is rocking my world.

Her name is Jill. One day (after getting very frustrated with similar dinner battles) she decided to look for a magnetic food chart to help her teach her child how to eat. She looked all over and couldn’t find one.

So she made one. Then other people wanted one. And more people….and now she has a cool little business of helping families rekindle dinner as “family time” and not food wars.

Its called My Food Chart, and its a magnetic food guide to help you and your kids make the right food choices.

This chart is based on the FDA’s food pyramid, along with recommended servings per day. Its not exact, but the beauty of this is you can customize it to fit your needs.

Its comes with tons of magnetic pieces to fill up your chart. When they eat a certain food, it goes on their chart.

Its pretty easy…..and Joslyn thinks its fun. She gets really excited when we go to put all the food we ate on the chart.

But what I like most about this chart is this: You and your child are on the same team now. Instead of begging to eat a certain food, its a game to “fill up the chart”. When they have a success you can celebrate! (Even if its a small one!)

I love the little pictures.

There are pieces in all food groups, and some are left blank to fit the “unique” needs of your family.

And even though Jude isn’t old enough to understand the chart, it helps me plan his meals to make sure he’s getting the proper nutrition.

They are kid friendly foods, so you won’t find any clafouti, sushi, or wine (its a fruit serving, right?).

You also won’t Cheetos’s, french fries, or soda. The point is to teach children where their food comes from and there are lots of ways to enjoy foods. If you don’t have an option to have Cheetos’s for a snack, and they choose a banana- I’d call that a victory!

There is one sweet treat per child per day. If the sweet treat is already used, show them what they still need. You can offer a fruit, crackers, etc.

The food groups are color coded to help kids learn what foods go together. When Joslyn asks for a snack and the chart looks like this:

I can give her a few options. Then she is making the right food choice.

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