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Kiddos update

I had a wonderful new snack that I was planning on sharing this week. And I didn’t get a picture before I ate it all! I just couldn’t contain myself!

So, if all goes well, I’ll make more by the weekend. Oh- and we’re having a party at work this weekend! There are WAY too many things to celebrate!!!

So for now here’s an update of Joslyn and Jude and some other random pictures. We’ve been busy having fun around here the last 7 weeks!

(Almost all of these photos were taken on my phone camera, so the quality is severely lacking)

Here’s Jude’s halloween outfit- it glows in the dark!

And here is one of Joslyn’s festive hairpieces. They are really just those plastic rings, but I thought she could rock the bat hair! and she did :)

Speaking of rockin hairdo’s, check out this tough guy:

And at the fall shin-dig at church tonight, Jude went as Owen’s twin and Joslyn was a ladybug:

she didn’t want her picture taken…

Okay, that’s better!

Then here’s the pumpkin I carved for Joslyn. She is so in love with Minnie Mouse right now…

And this is great. Its a “Swine Flu Vaccination Victim”. Ironically this is on display at the nurses desk where I work- where nobody wants to take the vaccination although it is being “forced”.

Hopefully I’ll have a killer recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds soon……if I don’t eat them all this time :)

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