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Dinner from the garden

There are some nights when I am truly amazed at what we pull together in 30 minutes for dinner.

Granted, the steaks were already thawed, but everything else was just random stuff I pulled out of the fridge.

The coolest part was almost everything on our plates I either grew myself or got from our CSA membership. The steak is from a partial cow we split a while back- I haven’t bought beef in the grocery store for over a year!

(We are getting quite low, so anyone needing a cow sold… call us!)

Green beans were poached, then smothered in crispy bacon and yellow onions. Mashed potatoes were a combination of red potatoes and new potatoes- mashed with butter, plain yogurt, a squirt of ranch dressing and fresh parsley. The steaks were grilled with Paula Deen’s house seasoning on a bed of arugula. And who can resist fresh cherry tomatoes?

This dinner was a homerun- and we pulled it all together at the spur of the moment.

Oh, and check out how we finished it all off:

These are homemade fudgepops. Just make instant chocolate pudding according to the package directions, pour into dixie cups, and freeze. I like to wait 30-45 minutes before inserting the popsicle stick to make sure it doesn’t fall to one side. Just tear away the cup and enjoy!

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