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Biscuits and Gravy: dutch oven/camp style

I’ll preface this post with this is not in any way, the grand-daddy of biscuit and gravy recipes. Some will say that there are far better biscuits out there, and of course homemade sausage gravy.

However, on a brisk camp morning this is so much better than cold biscuits and jelly, AND it doesn’t require that you recreate that gigantic bon-fire you had the night before. Because lets face it, the weather is warming up and its just not necessary.

The biscuits will require the use of a camp dutch oven. (Not the kind from Le Creuset.) You’ll need the kind with a cast iron lid so you can cover it with charcoal briquettes.

Here’s my 10 inch oven, basking in the morning sun, and baking those yummy Grand’s butter flavor biscuits (because I didn’t want to have to bring butter too). We used about 12 briquettes on the bottom and about 18 on top.

You’ll need a charcoal chimney if you aren’t a master charcoal lighter like my father-in-law.

Then pop the biscuits in the “oven”, and wait about 20 minutes. They’ll be browned, and if they start to burn on either the top or bottom, just remove some briquettes on that side.

Hello gorgeous!

Now time for the gravy. I just used one packet of McCormick’s sausage country gravy. (Is this sacrilege?). I poured 2 cups of water in the Jet Boil, whisked in the powder from the packet, and stirred frequently until it came to a boil.

You have to be careful making anything in a Jet Boil that isn’t water, because it will stick to the bottom. I noticed a little bit of sticking, but it wasn’t bad.

Once it comes to a boil, lower the heat and just let it simmer for 1-2 minutes. We’re ready for breakfast!

I love using these origami bowls. They are cute, perfect for packing, and they clean easily.

PS. Do you like my towel? Its a cat; Justin’s great aunt made a vintage crochet handle. She gave it to me at my wedding shower. I could care less if its the ugliest cat around, its precious and it was handmade just for me! I have a special place for it- my camp towel! (The handle is prefect for attaching to our hand washing station) Whenever I see it I remember how sweet and sincere she was welcoming me into their family.

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