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Christmas candy update, and dinner at a new place

***If you’re a northsider in Springfield, stay with me till the end here- I promise I have good news for those seeking a nice dining experience on the north side!

I know some of you have been waiting impatiently for your Christmas candies. Even more impatient than you were about the Christmas cookies. Good grief, I am an enabler.

Anyway, they are here. I have slaved in the kitchen for 2 days. TWO DAYS I say! And we officially have a TON of chocolate.

We have peanut butter balls, oreo balls, even cherry cordials. I even have some homemade peanut brittle, peanut chocolate clusters and fudge from my mother-in-law. AND, if that weren’t enough, I still have more Christmas goodies to roll out before the weekend. That goodness its not all chocolate. I may die if it were. (not because I hate chocolate, but I’ve cleaned off chocolate from every crevasse in my kitchen already once this week and I dare the soul who dirties it again)

Weekend girls, are you ready for Strawberry Pretzel crunch? How about a hearty chili with all the fixins? I may even have time for some cinnamon rolls.

Here’s a pic of my kitchen during the explosion. Justin says it doesn’t look that bad. Ahh, isn’t he nice. He’s just saying that because for 1. he’s seen it worse and 2. he didn’t have to help clean it up.

You know, its hard to sit down and enjoy what you’ve made until the dishes are done. In my case this can be days. I just HATE dishes. Justin and I used to have an agreement. I cook, he does dishes. Where did the glory days go?

So, being that I had finally cleaned up my filthy kitchen around 4:30pm, I looked at the What’s for Dinner menu: Sweet and Sour Chicken. No, not take out. From scratch, all Rachel-made sweet and sour chicken.

Its sad when you can’t dig any deeper within you to make a simple and delicious meal. All I was thinking was: more dishes!

So I suggested that we go out. Justin wanted sushi, I wanted asian food, but not really feelin the sushi tonight. So we headed out….

And low and behold, guess what we found! Little Tokyo’s new restaurant on the NORTH SIDE (in the old Denny’s) had open signs flashing.

We were nicely surprised to find a very nicely remodeled hibachi/sushi restaurant, north of Kearney? We had our very own chef, Kawn, who was very fun. I thought it was going to be awkward being I was the only one at our table who ordered hibachi, so really he was just coming out to cook for me! But he was nice, spoke English, and even gave Justin some teriyaki chicken in the end.

The food (and price!) is typical hibachi, but they do have an extensive sushi/sashimi menu as well. They’ve only been open 12 days, and I sure hope it lasts! I can totally see us getting take-out sushi forever and ever and ever. Amen.

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