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Mini desserts: the new fab thing

Everywhere you hear people talking about eating in moderation. And how many times do you forgo dessert because you’ve already gorged yourself on steak, potatoes and onion straws?

Don’t worry, help is here. It comes in the form of mini desserts. Not many mini desserts, just mini desserts.

Its all over the place, P.F. Chang’s, Houlihans’, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, you get the point. They bring it out in a cool display of shot glasses layered with a variety of yummy concoctions. And like I’ve said before, who can resist a dessert at $2.25?

So stop depriving yourself of sugar and cream. Just eat a little!

Oh, and I just googled mini desserts, and it shows up as the “top food trend for 2007“. Yeah, apparently I need to get out more. But hey, its the Ozarks! Trends don’t make it here for a couple years anyway.

So here’s my mini desserts for last Thursday night: Layered banana cream pie. And since I don’t have trendy shot glasses, I just used some juice glasses instead. What a treat- with just enough sugar to tame the beast!

Still hungry? Check out these cool mini desserts: Seasons 54, Landmark Bistro, Bonbon bakery, T.G.I. Fridays, and the Vin.

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